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I Buy STL Has Officially Been Recognized As The Top Home Buyers In Missouri

Jun 21


Previously featured on KMOX News Radio, I Buy STL is recognized as the top home buyer in the state. That’s after the company purchased hundreds of homes.


St. Louis, MO – Leading cash for home buyers St. Louis, I Buy STL has been recognized as the top home buyer in Missouri. The company was previously featured on KMOX News Radio and had, over the years, become one of the most trusted home buyers in the state. The company’s official press release stated, We buy houses St Louis but also across the state. In fact, we are the only if not one of the few cash-for-home buyers that make good offers that aren’t predatory.”


When many people think, “how do I sell my house fast, St Louis” they often think of hiring a realtor or listing the home themselves. While the approach may work if the home is in good condition, it does not work with older homes or so-called fixer-uppers. Homeowners with such homes find it near impossible to sell, and that’s where top businesses like I Buy STL come in. The company makes cash offers for homes in less than desirable condition. The cash offers are generous, and if accepted, the sale can go through within seven days or whenever the owner is ready to sell.


Readers can find out more by visiting the company’s official website:

We have over the years purchased and sold hundreds of homes across St. Louis and other cities in the state. Our service is faster and better than traditional listing, which quite frankly can be a hassle. Not only do people haggle with the seller, but often getting a decent offer can be near impossible. Then there is always the chance that the sale may fall through for many other reasons like the bank declining the buyer’s mortgage request.” Said a representative for Buy STL.

She added, “We make offers within 24 hours and can close whenever the seller is ready. We buy houses in St Louis almost every day, so the entire process is streamlined without frustration.”

About I Buy STL


I Buy STL is considered one of the leading cash for home buying companies in St Louis. As a family-owned business, the company’s goal is to help people stuck with less than desirable or distressed homes. Since its founding, Buy STL has purchased hundreds of homes, making them the top buyers in the state.