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Alex Buys Vegas Houses, Announces Closing Sales in Just 7 Days

Jun 21

The leading cash for home company announced that they are closing sales in just 7 days. The company has a record of quick turnaround times for offers on homes across Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV – The leading cash for home buying company has announced that it will close sales for most homes within 7 days. The official announcement by the company read, we buy houses Las Vegas and beyond, and have been doing so for over a decade. However, we are proud to announce that our team now can close a sale within just 7 days.” The statement also alluded to the fact that homeowners need to be truthful about the condition of their homes for the sale to go through smoothly.

When many people think, “how do I sell my house fast Las Vegas, they are often don’t want to take the conventional route of hiring a realtor.” Said a representative for Alex Buys Vegas Houses. Often realtors can take months to sell even the best-looking homes. However, many homeowners have homes that aren’t well maintained, but they want to sell house fast in Las Vegas. Alex Buys Vegas Houses buys homes that nobody else wants to buy. Not only that, but the company promises an excellent offer for a home, all things considered.

Readers can find out more about how Alex Buys Vegas Houses can close sales in just 7-days by visiting the company’s official website at

“We know that Las Vegas is home to many cash home buyers. Many make decent offers, but there are many hidden strings attached to those offers, unnoticed by homeowners. While the best way to sell a house fast Las Vegas is to a company like ours, not everyone has the same policies. Our policy is to make a cash offer within 24 hours and buy your home once you agree to accept our offer within 7 days. If everything works out as it should, you will get paid what we offered on the 7th day.” Said a representative for Alex Buys Vegas Houses

She added, “If you have a home you need to sell, contact us via our website or give us a call.”

About Alex Buys Vegas Houses

Alex Buys Vegas Houses is owned and operated by Alex Wentland, who set out to help homeowners sell their homes while making a profit. Over the years, the company has purchased and sold dozens of homes, with hundreds of reviews from satisfied clients across Las Vegas.